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Game Review Community

I recently started a new community called wtf_gamereviews, largely because I'm not particularly fond of what I consider the sorry state of mainstream video game reviewing and journalism in general. If any of you share my general disgust, feel free to join.

RPG Review Wiki Update

I changed my username recently, so I figure I'd pitch my RPG review wiki again:


The latest review, and my first of the year, is for Parasite Eve II:


New Reviews

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen - Pretty good remake, actually (in fact an enhanced port of the Playstation remake we didn't get years ago). Looking forward to the DS remake of Dragon Quest V.

Lufia and the Fotress of Doom - Probably the Super NES's Beyond the Beyond. Its sequel is *much* better, though.
 I recently joined a user community for gaming that has reviews as one of the features (among other things like a match test, etc.). I wrote a quick review on there and it's pretty cool. I plan to write more on some more recent games, but it definitely is more refreshing reading work from people like me vs. giant media publications. Sure the english isn't perfect, but you get to see different sides of the story.

Rate my review up!!

Also, there's a cool matchtest here if anyone wants to take it:

linky: http://www.mygamemug.com/matchtest.php

Magically-Inflating Review Scores

An odd trend I've noticed lately in RPGamer's reviews (to which I contribute regularly as a reader), is that many staff reviewers tend to give games high overall scores, even if most aspects are average or mediocre. Case in point, this Dragon Quest IV DS review, this Disgaea DS review, and most recently, this Final Fantasy IV DS review. Kind of seems like the typical review score inflation that goes on at most mainstream game sites like GameSpot and IGN. Call me crazy, but it's just really distracting as hell when individual scores and overall scores somewhat clash like this, and the actual review text doesn't match up with the scores. If you don't give a perfect score to part of a game, then obviously something is wrong with it, so I want to know exactly what's wrong and how that aspect could have been better. I also expect some sort of description of each aspect, although in the case of the DQ4 review, very little is said of the battle system, even though most time spent in RPGs is done so in battle. The lack of any real helpful descriptions of the gameplay to me renders many game reviews useless to me, and there have been plenty of times when I've bought critically-adulated games only to be disappointed. I actually wrote an editorial about this, though response to it on RPGamer was lukewarm at best. And I oddly noticed there wasn't a Points of View update this week :/ Perhaps they're plotting something...

RPG Review Wiki

Some time ago I started a wiki for my RPG reviews: http://jmgreviews.wikidot.com/

I also wrote this editorial about my general feelings on game reviews.

Console Poll

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A Question About Call of Duty.

Does anyone know exactly why Call of Duty 4 is getting such good reviews? What's so great about it?